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We specialise in Hawaiian Massage,  Kahuna Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Couples massage & Sound Healing and use a number of ancient and modern healing techniques and practices to nurture and re-balance the body, mind  & spirit. 

We provide a supportive and nurturing space for our clients to feel relaxed and able to drop into a deeper state of consciousness for healing.

Massage, Bodywork and Sound Healing offers many health and wellbeing benefits. 

Experience Deep Relaxation

Release Deep-Seated Neuromuscular Tension

Release Emotional Energy or Trauma

Reduce Stress (cortisol) Levels

Boost Energy

Improve Immunity

Balance Autonomic Nervous System

Improve Sleep

Ease Headaches

Improve Emotional Wellbeing

Treatment of physical body systems including…

Lymphatic system

Immune system

Circulatory System,

Respiratory System

Digestive system

We also run wellness workshops and events, bringing a unique combination of ancient healing practices and powerful healing techniques to encourage deep self-healing. 

We look forward to holding space for your next massage and healing journey.  

Enjoy a massage in our beautiful BUDERIM MASSAGE CLINIC, where we also work alongside some other wonderful health care professionals.

~ Together We Heal ~



We offer a relaxing and peaceful clinic space for our Sunshine Coast clients to enjoy their massage, bodywork and healing treatment. There is no mobile service offered for the Sunshine Coast area.

Sunshine Coast In-Clinic Treatments

Kahuna Bodywork
Lomi Lomi Massage
Myofascial Cupping
Deep Tissue – Hawaiian Flow
Hot Stone Massage
Free-Flow – Intuitive Massage 

Full descriptions of all our SUNSHINE COAST treatments can be found via the booking flow below.


Enjoying a beach massage at Rainbow Beach

We offer a mobile massage service for the Cooloola Coast area, covering Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay and Cooloola Cove. We can come to you at your home or holiday accomodation.

A $35 mobile service fee applies – charged only once per booking.

Cooloola Coast Mobile Treatments

Kahuna Bodywork
Lomi Lomi Massage
Deep Tissue – Hawaiian Flow
Free-Flow – Intuitive Massage
Sound Healing
Pregnancy Massage

Full descriptions of our COOLOOLA COAST treatments can be found via the button below

Looking for the perfect gift?

Sound Healing tools at Hum Healing Hive


In ancient traditions, shamans have used sound and vibration to promote healing. Sound vibration can stimulate the autonomic nervous system – which is responsible for regulating the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, immune and digestive systems!

We offer unique, carefully crafted and powerful one-on one and group guided meditation & sound healing sessions using a variety of specifically tuned frequencies for healing the body.

Each treatment is carefully curated and may include the use of a variety of sounds and instruments such as crystal quartz singing bowls, tuning forks, energy coils, crystals, binaural beats, and shamanic drum. 

Add sound healing to a massage and bodywork treatment to take the healing process to a whole new cellular level healing process!


Massage & Bodywork

Our most popular treatment is Kahuna Bodywork – an ancient Hawaiian massage technique that is much more than just a massage – its a total mind, body & soul healing experience! 

This energy shifting, deeply relaxing and nurturing treatment can support you in releasing of emotional stress, & deep-seated neuromuscular tension.
It also treats the lymphatic, immune, circulatory, respiratory, nervous and digestive systems! 

We offer other modern and ancient healing techniques in our clinic too, which can either be add-on to a treatment or may be in included in a healing package in our special offers menu. 

Some of our offerings include – Hot stones, Mio-facial cupping, Reflexology, Energy point activation, Pregnancy Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, Polynesian bodywork and couples massage. 

Wellness workshops & events

Our wellness workshops and events on the Sunshine Coast are designed to holistically nurture the mind, Body & Spirit.

Our aim is to support and guide you to deeper understanding of the mind-body connection so you can actively participate and improve your own health and wellbeing.

We will share many powerful self-healing techniques which are drawn from ancient and modern practices. We have recently started sharing ceremonies that begin with sharing ceremonial cacao – to open up our heart space and connection with our own unique innate intelligence to self-heal.

Our aim is to create unique combinations of a Breathwork, Shamanic Drumming & Sound Healing Ceremonies to inspire deep relaxation and healing.  We will soon be offering Body-Flow movement and Healing Art Therapy offerings, to allow collective healing, sharing and experiences in a group setting while still achieving individual healing of the body, mind & spirit.