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Hum Healing Hive is a massage and healing centre specialising in Hawaiian massage and bodywork, and also offer a range of traditional relaxation and deep tissue massage treatments. 

Hawaiian bodywork is a powerful ancient technique that provides a deep sense of nurturing love and trust, with a beautiful flow of vital energy exchange throughout the treatment. 

We provide a supportive and nurturing space for our clients to experience deep healing for the the body, mind and soul in it’s physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. 

The benefits of massage and bodywork include deep relaxation, releasing of deep-seated neuromuscular tension and treatment of lymphatic, immune, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems.  

We look forward to holding space for your next massage and healing journey.  

Enjoy a massage in our beautiful BUDERIM CLINIC, where we also work alongside some other wonderful health care professionals.

Within our clinic we also have a Naturopath/ Nutritionist, Psychologist, Craniosacral Therapist, Infared Thermologist and Chiropractor. 

You can also enjoy a treatment in the comfort of your own home or holiday accommodation as we now offer 

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Relaxed woman receiving a hot stone massage at Hum Healing Hive


In ancient traditions, shamans have used sonic vibrations to stimulate particular parts of the mind and body to facilitate deep self healing, and allow a clear channel of energy to flow! 

We offer unique, carefully crafted and powerful one-on one and group guided meditation & sound healing sessions

hawaiian bodywork

Kahuna Bodywork is much more than just a massage – its a total mind, body soul healing experience! 

This energy shifting, deeply relaxing and nurturing treatment can support you in releasing of emotional stress, & deep-seated neuromuscular tension.
It also treats the lymphatic, immune, circulatory, respiratory, nervous and digestive systems! 

Pure Relaxation

pregnancy massage

It is such an honour to support all the beautiful mum’s-to-be through their pregnancy, helping keep the body aligned helps support both mum and baby through a healthy & happy growing journey! 

We have a very special pregnancy table, to allow you to lay on your tummy….just like a normal massage and the belly is supported beautifully!  

Need time to rest, reflect and re-connect with yourself?

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