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Upcoming Wellness Workshops & Events

Event numbers are sometimes limited to small group numbers to allow our participants to fully feel the power and energy of the healing techniques and practices we have carefully curated.
It is so important for every person to feel nurtured and honoured in the self-healing process.  Having smaller groups allows us to better hold space for you on your healing journey. 

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Ceremonial Cacao, Breathwork & Medicine Drum Journey

A unique offering of sacred Ceremonial Cacao - an ancient plant medicine used to facilitate deep healing by connecting us on a deeper level with our inner wisdom, our spirit and universal love energy. Breathwork takes us to a deeper level in our healing process, to places untouchable with the mind - transforming old subconscious behavioural patterns and reactions and programming from the body to make space for more love, joy and abundance and improve our health and emotional wellbeing without speaking a single word. Shamanic drumming activates the theta state in the brain - allowing the mind to disengage with its awareness of outside activities, blocking their input, allowing us to enter an internally directed conscious state where mental clarity, insight and connection to our inner wisdom occurs. This unique and powerful offering is intended to inspire deep healing & improvement of our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.


Visualisation Meditation & Sound Healing Journey

A powerful guided visualisation meditation creating awareness of the mind-body connection and how our emotions can affect our inner workings, how we respond to stress, how stress and trauma can manifest as physical pain in the body and how to learn some easy techniques to release what is no longer serving you. Sound travels through water 5 times faster than air, and since we are made up of 70% water - sound doesn't travel through us, it travels with us! Our Sound Healing techniques are well researched, and we use specific binaural beats & frequencies to heal the body on a cellular level. We use crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, hand pan and other selected instruments to inspire energy flow and balance the autonomic nervous system and improve our energetic state. This unique and powerful offering is intended to heal on a deep cellular level, improving overall wellbeing by bringing the body, mind and spirit into harmony and balance.



Inspired by Qigong, Yoga & Breath

A gentle effective fusion of body movements and breath-flow taking inspiration from ancient and modern body wellness modalities such as Qigong, Yoga, Calisthenics, Breathwork and Polynesian Bodywork to promote increased circulation, activate our energy (chi), improve range of movement & body awareness, and provide you with an elevated feeling of wellbeing and vitality. Sessions will vary from week to week, and are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The focus for each session or special event will be in alignment with group sizes, locations, seasons, planetary alignments and intentions. We aim to allow all participants to feel a sense of inclusion, confidence and connection. All our body movement sessions will be in a group setting, whilst still providing the freedom to participate at your own pace, with your own individual goals for self-healing in focus.

Culturally Inspired Art Therapy

A relaxed group workshop to learn various ancient techniques in creating beautiful, take home art pieces.
Workshops vary from basket/bag weaving, culturally inspired painting, macrame, jewellery making, geometric art and more! In many ancient civilisations, group practices such as weaving, painting and jewellery making; were very important for individual and cultural development. These skills were passed down through generations and assisted with cognitive function, communication, mindfulness, self expression, confidence and self worth.
In modern day times, these same practices are also beneficial as a form of art therapy- creating, connecting and calming. Art therapy brings us into the moment, allowing us time to disconnect from our busy lives & daily stress for just a moment...and come together for healing, connecting and sharing with others - 'Together we heal' Next events coming up for November and December
Ceremonial Cacao
Weaving Workshops
Visualisation Meditation
Crystal quartz singing bowl therapy at Hum Healing Hive
Sound Healing

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