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We love to offer massage special offers & healing packages combining powerful ancient and modern healing techniques to nurture the body, mind & Spirit

When learning Hawaiian Massage and Bodywork, we often talk about balance. Balancing the masculine & feminine energies and balancing the mind, body & spirit.

We use a number of ancient and modern healing techniques to achieve this, and our treatments can be customised according to each clients individual needs. 

Its important to look at our health and wellbeing from a holistic perspective, and finding balance in our lives can sometimes be difficult. 

At Hum Healing Hive, we aim to nurture you…holding space for you to be receptive to love and healing, allowing you to surrender and let go of energy that is no longer serving you. 

Combining several healing modalities can have a powerful effect on our overall health and wellbeing, as it targets the body & mind on a deep cellular level.
Clearing this stagnant energy from the body & mind allows you to feel more connected to yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Talk to us on your next visit, and let us know how we can best support you on your healing journey. 


Chi-Flow Healing package at Hum Healing hive valued at $175 - special offer $135

A unique combination of Hawaiian Kahuna or LOMI LOMI Massage with myofascial cupping using silicone cups and traditional flame cupping, and also including foot reflexology.

We have carefully curated a powerful combination of modalities that all have one thing in common…the ability to access and rejuvenate the body’s vital energy (chi) by improving blood flow along the meridian lines increasing overall health & wellbeing!

Hawaiian Healing Vibes - massage and sound healing package valued at $205. Special offer $175

A unique and powerful healing journey to take you to another dimension, deeply healing your entire body mind and soul, allowing your energy to flow freely, bringing you back into balance.

This powerful energy shifting healing experience combines the magic and power of Kahuna bodywork with our amazing sound and frequency healing techniques!

Our Experienced Hawaiian Massage and Bodywork Practitioners have trained at Mettes Instutute @ High Spirits Retreat